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Spectroscopy is a dynamic area of diagnostic physics. Laser light is used to excite and ionize atoms or molecules which can then be detected and quantified among a larger group.

The highly concentrated UV light from the Series 3500 laser can be used to monitor molecules of interest with fast and highly accurate results.

Specifically, Raman Spectroscopy is widely used in chemical and bio-chemical fields for applications such as monitoring of anesthetic and respiratory gas mixtures during surgery. Raman Spectroscopy, in conjunction with available technologies, enables researchers to generate highly detailed 2D and 3D images of molecular concentrations with real-time accuracy. The use of UV Solid State lasers in such applications broadens the field of detectable molecules due to the short excitation wavelength.

The 355nm wavelength of the Series 3500 UV laser is also suited for long-range atmospheric penetration in spectroscopy applications such as atmospheric bio-threat analysis in the field of homeland security.

Series 3500 Product Specification Sheet


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