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Application Notes


The Samurai is the first marking system specifically designed for UV lasers at 355 nm. Therefore, DPSS Lasers offers a FREE in-house applications lab. Customers are encouraged to send samples of their material which will be processed according to their requirements and returned for their inspection along with the recommended laser specifications. Below are applications notes developed by experienced UV engineers in the DPSS applications lab.

Organics & Oxides--Photo ablation of organics and oxides from metals and composites  
PP, POM, TPU & PBT--Marking  
Silicon Carbide & Ceramic--Marking  
Electrical Switches--Marking  
Kapton & Polyimide--Soft Mark & Drilling  
Plastic Tubing--Direct Marking  
Copper & Gold--Thin film cutting  
Polyvinyl Chloride  

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