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Molecular Uncaging

The fast growing fields of bio-science are now taking advantage of the latest developments in DPSS laser technology.

The Series 3500 UV Models 3501-100 and 3507-50 both offer the precise pulse duration, power stability and UV wavelength parameters needed for photolysis of caged compounds.

Molecular uncaging through UV photolysis is providing new avenues of understanding into neurological disorders and drug delivery methods. DPSS Lasers Inc. is proud to be a pioneering partner is this important research.

For more information, visit either Northwestern University or Karel Svoboda's home page. Both are currently using a DPSS Lasers Inc. UV laser for molecular uncaging.

Stanford University Laboratory - Laser Uncaging

Northwestern University – Gordon Shepherd

Janelia Farm Research Campus – Karel Svoboda

Series 3500 Product Specification Sheet


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